About us

Addept Solutions specialises in the provision of enterprise software solutions for people, encompassing talent management and personal development.

Addept’s flagship product is Addept Connect, a highly customisable web based suite of integrated applications that support various aspects of human interaction and advancement.

Addept prides itself in attracting and retaining highly competent and motivated staff so that they can work closely with clients to develop, support and evolve solutions according to that client’s needs. Addept have permanent staff located in the UK, South Africa and New Zealand.


In its early years Addept specialised in developing technical solutions for Engineering and Scientific requirements such as Oil Field Simulation, Nuclear Reactor Monitoring and Mobile Communications Device testing. In addition to the challenges presented by these types of application, the experience gained in hardware, operating systems and languages has equipped the company well to exploit the best that the ever evolving IT industry has to offer.

Addept’s involvement in knowledge management systems began in 1997 when it was approached by a team of engineering specialists in a major oil company to provide a system that would allow them to share their experiences with each other and the wider global community.

Not only did Addept’s experience of systems and capabilities allow it to exploit the newly emerging web technologies, but there was a strong underlying resonance with the business requirement and the way that highly challenging technical applications require collaboration across multiple areas of expertise.

The success of this early knowledge management initiative led to an agreement in 1999 that allowed Addept to commercialise the ‘Connect’ application. The relationships built with other organisations directly influenced the evolution of ‘Connect’ and extended the functionality as well as taking it into newer areas of Learning and Development.

Addept is committed to the continued development of Connect and believe it is the value in their people and the strength of their relationships that will ensure Connect continues to meet clients evolving requirements.